Carlos Dukes, better known by his stage name Soulrac. He is an American rapper, spoken word artist, executive producer, and music producer.soulrac

He was born and raised in Orlando, Florida during the Golden Era of Hip Hop which influenced his musical palette and creativity. His upbringing shaped his thought process and motivated him to address social injustices he witnessed throughout his life. An environment where Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality, Gentrification, and Class Warfare thrived. As a youth, he started scribbling rhymes in his notepad and rapping became a means of expression. An expression he used when they would battle rap through freestyling during lunch and after school as a means of recreation. It was through these experiences he honed his craft and learned the value of using his rhymes in a combative manner. Overtime, he went from battle rapping in school to rhyming with local artists and groups in the Orlando area. As he began to rise in this arena, there was a calling placed on his life to pursue spiritual endeavors. A place that groomed him to speak to people in an uplifting fashion and minister to their spiritual and social needs. As-a-result, Soulrac defines his music as “Music for the Soul” and his name is derived from his first name being spelled backward with an U added.


He was influenced by the soulful music imparted to him from his mother during his upbringing. In addition, his Uncle introduced him to Hip Hop in the early 80’s around the time Hip Hop was solidifying itself as a major artform. He was heavily influenced by Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC, and Slick Rick to name a few. He understood at an early age the value of writing music with substance, and how important it was to represent the culture to the highest level. As he grew older, he never waivered from his passion and waited for the opportune time to introduce himself to the world.


Aside from seeking to reenter the music business, Soulrac has been in the Entertainment Business for over a decade. During this time he promoted comedy shows throughout Central Florida, and he partially- owned an up and coming nightclub called, “Thyrst Ultra Lounge” in Tampa, Florida. Eventually he wanted to started an Independent Record Label called, “Inlighten Music Group” that was an vehicle to develop other artists and provide them a platform to pursue their music careers. Afterwards, he aided a Reggae artist, by the name of “Kali Ranks,” with his compilation album called, “Living Legends.” Soulrac debut Album called, “Soulploitation” was produced by the visionary and International producer Bigbob. The debut album is internationally connected because it has contributions from talent from different countries. Soulrac uses this debut album to paint a picture of the world where his audience can envision the world through his eyes. The EP addresses misogyny, racial animus, mass incarcerations, reparations, and a host of issues affecting urban communities.

Upcoming Projects

Currently, Soulrac is working on his second EP produced by internationally known and talented producer DJ Mericiless from the Moon Crickets, as well as the “Preservin The Culture” Compilation Album with artists from across the globe. Soulrac has two other albums he’s working on which includes a project with visionary Hip Hop artist by the name of Caper dropping in 2021, and Amen Baba for their group named, “King’s Gambit” that focuses on political and spiritual activism. Lastly, he is working on having an International network and entertainment event called, “ Preservin the Culture” based on the 4 elements of Hip Hop across the globe as an annual event.

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