The world of Hip-Hop was in trouble, but the consciousness of the revolutionary  “Soulrac”  has been chosen to lead this genre of music back to the promised land. Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Soulrac’s passion and creativity were influenced by Hip Hop gurus such as Run DMC, Slick Rick, Rakim, and many others. He understood at this early age the power of the spoken word and the concrete value of addressing social injustices he witnessed as he grew up. The freedom of expression to his peers and those that came before him was his most influential key to success, transforming his thoughts on pen and paper into a highly competitive battle rapper and lyricist.

As Soulrac became older, his desire for spiritual pursuit transitioned his thoughts into a ministry toward the community’s needs for a spiritual elevation. Tapping into the power of his ancestry roots, Soulrac enlightened his audience with conscious thinking upon levels of lyrical continuity. After each show, each rap battle, and each album, Soulrac was able to connect his people closer to the glory of days past as leaders of the ancient world with the knowledge and technology of the coming future. Some of his most interval parts of music art include his success as the independent record label “Inlighten Music Group” and his work with Reggae artist “Kali Ranks” on the album “Living Legend.”  As his music evolved into independent projects, Soulrac was able to capture the different economic issues within urban communities and create a musical outlet of expression helping the world understand the plight of the black man and woman. The point of Soulrac’s lyrics was not to create a morbid scene of disdain and despair but to prove despite the economic conditions of minorities, they are versatile and can overcome any obstacle meant for their destruction.

As listeners explore the passion that engulfs Soulrac, his main idea of music simply desires to educate listeners on the powers of change, positivity, motivation, and ascension. If one desires to begin recognizing the changes their life needs as they hear his music, they will hear more than a simple beat, but a poetic sound of strength and solidarity. No matter the occupation, class status, or position in life, the culture of music has been preserved and elevated. Black women, elevated; Black men, enlightened; and Black children, encouraged to excel, all with the education of our Kings and Queens of before. Join the new movement of power and ascend with Soulrac as he releases his new album “Back 2 The Basics”. Coming soon to all platforms, visit this website for the upcoming album and all his complete visionary work.